Aplikasi Perhitungan PPH 21 Dan PPH 26 Karyawan Berbasis Web


  • Yulia
  • Novita Ganiar Anggraini
  • Lisnawanty




Income Tax PPh 21/26 is a tax on I ncome in the form of salaries,
wages, honoraria, allowances, and other payments in whatever
name and form in connection with work or services. There are also
many taxpayers who do not understand how to calculate Income
Tax 21/26 on the income they get from their work. therefore, the
public must further increase self-awareness to pay taxes and report
annual tax returns and knowledge of how to calculate income tax is
also useful for taxpayers in the tax reporting process. The purpose
of this research is to know and analyze the procedure for
calculating the PPh 21/26 employee's income tax calculation
system and designing and building an application for calculating
the PPh 21/26 employee's income tax. With the application for
calculating employee income tax article 21/26, it will make it easier
for employees to make tax payment transactions. In the PPh 21/26
Calculation Application the system displays tax payment data,
employee data and user data. In making it, the author uses the
Codeigniter Framework application with the hypertext
preprocessor (PHP) programming language. This program also
uses several supporting software in making the Web such as Xampp
as a local server, Google Chrome as a Web browser and Mysql as a database server




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Yulia, Novita Ganiar Anggraini, & Lisnawanty. (2021). Aplikasi Perhitungan PPH 21 Dan PPH 26 Karyawan Berbasis Web. Jurnal Sistem Informasi Akuntansi, 1(2). https://doi.org/10.31294/justian.v1i2.291